Wanted By The Monster

Anya Mallastasia’s parents sold her.

Now her ten long years of servitude are up, and freedom is but a lick away. Until the time comes to free another’s life with just a few more years added to her tenure. And then a few more. And soon there’s nothing left to bargain with.

She’s owned by the President of Earth. The most evil man on the planet.

Jaire, captain to the Adroki clan, sees Anya for the first time and knows this human belongs to a beast like him. But how can he convince her when Anya refuses to save herself and leave the appalling conditions she dwells in?

He won’t give her a choice. He’ll throw her stubborn little frame over his massive shoulder and cart her from the house of debauchery where she lives.

He never intends to kill her. Because how is a male to know the maiden is imprisoned by a choke collar?