Interested in the Match 💜 Program?

A gorgeous alien species called Britonians had left their planet with a dying sun. They reached an agreement with Earth to clean up our ruined planet with their modern technology in exchange for a new place to live. If it were up to women, we’d allow them to live just to look at them. The Brits are amazing, gold skin and white hair, tall and muscular, like avenging angels.

When they hear that most of our men died in the third World War, leaving the sexes vastly mismatched, they offer to begin a Match Program with a distant planet in need of females. It will be completely professional, personality-matching, compatibility, and the possibility of procreation. Plus, the human females will have a guaranteed choice after six months: Remain with your alien mate, or come home to Earth.

None of us expected the gorgeous alien species to introduce us to horrifying monsters.

Here you’ll find feel-good romance that always has a guaranteed happy-ever-after. No swooning heroines here! These are heroines who overcome adversary conditions enough to look beyond the physical and embrace inner beauty. Oftentimes it’s done with humor, and other times it’s done with a hot alien man! To purchase, please go to the Books tab, where everything should be listed under their series. Confused about where to start? Which books go with which series? The book list below shows books from newest to oldest series and then goes into stand-alone novels. All of my books feature a strong heroine, and most of my books have humor interspersed throughout. For the most humor, try the Space Babies saga, or My Alien Baby.

Orcs, Orcs, baby! Four books, starting with Owned By The Orc, Saved By The Orc, Bought By The Orc, and finally Adored By The Orc.

My grandmother used to tell me stories of life from The Before.

Long, long ago, when her own mother was a child, the world was so very different than it is now. We had great buildings made of steel and glass, buildings so tall they nearly reached the sun. People traveled around the entire world by sky. Those who wanted to go shorter distances traveled by a vehicle not drawn by horse. These vehicles drove themselves for miles and miles. You see, the planet had jumped into its technology stage, and it was quick. Within her lifetime, she went from outhouses to indoor plumbing to cellphones and airplanes. And the cellphones! A contraption where you could punch a button and literally speak to anyone in the world. Nearly every human being owned one, wee ones included. Children. Can you imagine? There were great boxes that look like windows on the wall that told stories. Movies, they were called. Like plays. Clothing, food—everything was mass produced and there was no shortage of anything in the world. But instead of being happy, we became lazy. We no longer treated animals with respect, or anything really. Because we didn’t make our own clothing, we didn’t take care of such. We threw items away instead of mending them and filled the landfills with trash. The cities became concrete walkways, adding to global warming of the planet. We cloned people and animals and didn’t care about the ramifications of messing with DNA. It was all about beauty to us. We didn’t want a child with big ears or a big nose. We convinced everyone around us what the standards of beauty was, and heaven help those who didn’t conform.

And then came the day when scientists tried to contact aliens—except the only thing they succeeded in was opening a portal to another realm. Great chasms opened in the Earth, dropping whole cities—people and animals—into unknown realities. In return, those portals gifted us with spitting people through also.


For years they kept to themselves, learning to navigate a strange new world. And humans? We also learned to navigate a strange new world—because the planet was nothing like we’ve ever known from TheBefore, what we called life before the portal discovery. People angry with the change, the loss of loved ones and humanity, overthrew governments. We had to return to the old ways, raising our own cattle and growing our food, with only stories to tell of ‘the future,’ where we’d once lived. You see, today may be 2240, but the future already happened. It was actually in 2035 TB. The centuries have molded our planet back to the old ways, of purer times, a simpler existence.

But the bitterness never went away. What if you were traveling? Remember, it was easy to just get up and go somewhere for a couple of days, anywhere on the planet. What if you were gone when your family got sucked into the void? If you had no one to come home to?

That’s why people were so upset with the secret projects the government performed. Trying to communicate with aliens and not telling us! Instead, they ruined so many lives. Not only ours, but that of the orcs.
My aunt leans in to finish her bizarre tale.

“That’s why I’m so friendly to them. The ones who come here to trade? They’ve actually taken brides who are human. I’ve met two of them.”

Wait. There’s a 19-book series??

Why, yes there is! You see, the goal with the Genetically Altered Humans series was to create a completely different story in each release. Each Xeno Sapien was created using human DNA and that of different alien species. Each poor “creature” grows into their own separate powers, so each book will have different tropes.

Books 1 & 2 are the set-up of the world.

Book 3 – Age gap, forbidden love

Book 4 – Friends to lovers

Book 5 – Twins trope

Book 6 – Doctor/patient

Book 7 – amnesia, male pregnancy

Book 8 – tragic past

Book 9 – tortured hero

Book 10 – multiple selves

Book 11 – star crossed lovers

Book 12 – damsel in distress

Book 13 – shapeshifter, Cinderella retelling

Book 14 – mail order bride, love triangle

Book 15 – time travel

Book 16 – Commitment issues

Book 17 – instant daddy

Book 18 – dragon shifter

Book 19 – political

Printable Book List (Updated 02/02/24)

Monster Orc Brides

Owned By The Orc

Saved By The Orc

Bought By The Orc

Adored By The Orc

Boulder Bear Shifters

Maddie Mine

The Match Program

Book 1—Matched To The Monster, Lilaina & Juris’s story

Book 2—Matched To The Monster, TOO, Tessa & Stratek’s story

Boxed Set—Books 1 & 2, The Monster Romance Matched Bride Bundle

Book 3—Wanted By The Monster, Anya & Jaire’s story

Book 4—Wanting The Monster, Tera & Relion’s story

Boxed Set—Books 3 & 4, The Monster Romance Matched Bride Bundle

Book 5—My Monster, My Choice, Christina & Elex’s story

Book 6—My Matched Monster, River & Tiran’s story

Book 7—The Monster’s Bride, Bronan & Isabel’s story

Book 8—The Monster’s Mate, Skiden & Lucifer’s story

Genetically Altered Humans

Book  1—Xeno Sapiens

Book  2—Earth-Ground

Book  3—Siren

Book  4—Beast’s Beauty

Book  5—Almost Human

Book  6—Forbidden Touches

Book  7—Coveting Ava

Book  8—For Everly

Book  9—Assassin’s Mate

Book 10—Sextet

Book 11—Tempting Temptest

Book 12—Falling For Trance

Book 13—Damaged Goods

Book 14—Alien’s Bride

Book 15—Dual Lives

Book 16—Reson’s Lesson

Book 17—A Mate For Max

Book 18—Dragon’s Mate

Book 19—Fated

Lost & Found

Book 1—My Alien Baby

Purple People

Book 1—Space Babies

Book 2—Baby Soldiers In Space

Book 3—Baby Butterfly Kisses

Book 4—Titi

Book 5—Rock-a-bye Babies In Space

Blue Barbarians

Book 1—Abducted

Book 2—Stranded

Book 3—Taken

Book 4—Captive

Book 5—Stolen

Book 6—Betrayed

A.I. Series

Book 1—Artificial Intelligence

Book 2—Serepto’s Story


Book 1—The Hunter

Book 2—The Enforcer

Book 3—The Defender

Book 4—The Protector

Book 5—The Guardian

Book 6—The Destroyer

SuperNatural Sharing

Book 1—Forgotten Kisses

Book 2—Remembered Kisses

Book 3—Whispered Kisses


From Zestria, With Love


Merry Monsters


Alien Stolen

Chasing Violet

Sister Planet

Kiss Me Before I Die

Shared By Wolves

Born Again