Blue Barbarian 6

The discovery of a new species on our planet has been difficult for everyone involved. Especially when my tribe is desperate for males—and I have the attention of two.

I thought I’d be the one to bring new foods, teaching, and customs to our people. I never thought I’d instead be scorned for my selfishness, especially when it was I who committed the most self-less act—giving up my crown.

I never thought my own would turn on me—nor did I think they’d sell me to another planet, much like the human females who were stranded on ours.


The infant is small, but healthy as he wails. I had dispatched village youths back to the resort to notify her husband about what had happened.

The mother is beyond ecstatic. Tears cover her face as she rubs the baby’s back, pressing his tiny naked body to her warmth.

“She wants to know why he is not eating,” my translator, Socorro says.

“Tell her he still carries nutrients from the umbilical cord. He will not feel hunger right away. He has enough nourishme