A mysterious alien planet celebrates their own version of merry holidays. Their wonderful, gift-giving idea? Earth ladies as stocking stuffers.

Alyssa is not a mail-order bride, to be clear. She’s the first woman to land on Thropian to test the pod her company creates, the very same pods that will ship the willing, and foolish, Earth brides to the mysterious planet where no one knows what the aliens look like.

Zearn is Stealth Hunter to the Prime Minister of Thropian. He’s dispatched to where the human female has been stranded when her pod lands in the middle of their holiday hunt. Where a female is the prize to the last standing hunter.

While intrigued with the human female that looks so delicate but has the disposition of a warrior, he’s surprised at the chemistry that flares between them.

And more surprised when she gets down on her knees before him and mates him in an ancient, revered custom.

With her mouth. 💋

This book is part of the Stranded With an Alien shared world with seven other authors. It contains a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhanger.