Blue Barbarian 4

A Drurian spacecraft that specialized in kidnapping females snuck into Earth’s atmosphere. Their mission? To sell a dozen abducted females to other galaxies.

During that time, I was implanted with knowledge of how to be a sex slave. My sexual drive was increased and techniques were taught to me on how to please countless other species.
It was a horrifying secret I didn’t want anyone to know…until we crash-land on Blaedonia, and I meet Jeroc and Tijar.

When you’re taken captive and left on another planet, who says you have to choose?


I bring my sweet Tessa to the sewing room where the other humans have gathered. Here they make their own skirts. I am baffled as to why, when they have been given skirts by the women of the village. But Tessa looks like she would enjoy some time with the other females, so I say to Lucie, “Tell my mate not to worry. I will return for her soon.”

Lucie nods, distracted. But I know she will relay the message to Tessa.

I hurry outside and head out the front gates. I make my way to a first level cave, glancing at the position of the sun in the sky.

Tijar should still be there, checking the traps.

“Ho, Jeroc.”

I wave at my best friend, who waits just beyond the trees.

“How is she?” he asks as I approach. “Does she seem like she misses me?”

I nod. “She was sad this morning. I have left her with the other females to visit and catch up on the gossip from their planet. I wish for someone to tell her of the trip we will all take to the vessel they landed on.”

Tijar sighs. “I wish we could talk to her.”

“As do I, my friend. I must tell you what she did this morning.” I look around to make sure there are no other hunters about, because this is our business. “She took my cock into her mouth.”

Tijar gasps, as shocked as I was. “What?”

I shrug. “She wanted to. I tried to explain it was my duty to lick her, but naturally she could not understand.”

“How did it…feel?” His voice is curious, perhaps a bit jealous.

“Like nothing on this planet. Now I understand why a female goes crazy when we taste of their essence.”

“You lucky son of a cock.” Now I know he is jealous.

“Perhaps one day soon she will do you.” I laugh, my hand on his shoulder.

“I was thinking,” he says. “We should have more interaction with her while we’re together. We cannot spend our entire lives shuffling her back and forth.”

That is exactly what I was thinking.