My Monster, My Choice

A second chance at love. But one that I thwart because I believe I should have a choice.

Elex is a Captain of the King’s Guard, the clan of Adroki from the planet Pimeon. They are here to protect women while we recover from a patriarchal government recently overthrown.

Unfortunately, I have a child who will forever be in my care. And the Adroki? Their goal is to find mates to procreate with. While I might have liked that once, my choice was taken away long ago.


Meeting my mate was enormous. I never expected it could happen to me and I never thought she would be the mother of my friend’s new mate. But Christina is only in her thirties and has decided she has no time to begin again.

It is up to me—along with her son, Kenny—to show her otherwise.


My Monster, My Choice has been re-written and expanded from the 20K version originally published in the I Am The Fire Anthology. It deals with controversial subject matter: abortion, death, references to abuse and suicide. However, it ends with a happy ever after.