Chasing Violet

Violet Knight is tired of men hooking up with her for her money.

She caught the latest loser pants-down and rump-up one week before the wedding. Now she’s upgraded her honeymoon cruiseship for a pampering space-cruise that caters to females only. That’s exactly what her burnt heart needs. A hunky serviceman whose job is to worship the female patronage aboard the month-long trip. Little does she know a pampering space-cruise ship looks awfully similar to a mail-order bride ship.

Cadoc of Docadia finds the girl he’s always dreamed about all grown up and looking to be a bride. To his surprise, she asks him to stay the night. But consummating their relationship comes with a small problem. Turns out she’s the tiny female he rescued all those years ago. Now he has to tell her they’ve been mated.