Blue Barbarian 1

Alien abductions are real.

I was the third female awakened aboard the spacecraft that specialized in kidnapping females. Their mission? To sell us to other galaxies.

Human female Numbers One and Two didn’t make it, but I was lucky. I was able to comprehend instructions from Drakar, a caged abductee from the planet Blaedonia. Together we formulate a plan to escape for both us and the ten other unawakened Earthlings.

Lucky for Drakar, the spaceship crash-lands back on his planet. Unlucky for the Earthlings, we’ll never be able to travel back home.

We’ll have to learn to adapt.


Suddenly my shackles tingle, the sensation shooting down my arms like a spark of electricity. But it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. It feels kind of…nice. In a strange way.

“I can see you through the dark, little human. I have night vision that your species does not.”

I lick my lips. It doesn’t seem fair that I’ve never seen Drakar, but then he blows warm breath on my neck and suddenly it no longer matters.

“How do you like to be touched?” His finger skims across my lower abdomen.

Goosebumps race across my skin and it’s not from cold. It’s instantaneous and it’s weird, but it’s sexy. Either he’s a master seducer, or the shackles on my wrists are doing something strange to my libido.

I writhe as a wave of liquid lust hits. “Drakar.”

“Niki,” he groans.

“These bracelets are doing something to me.”

“I know. I feel it, too.” His voice is thick. “I want you.”

“What’s happening?”

He groans. “Your arousal seduces me.”