What am I working on next? Christina & Elex! She falls hard for this alien and has six blissful months, but then realizes she can’t keep him.

After all, the Adroki aliens are here on Earth to procreate…and she can’t give him that.

You’re going to love this one!

A gargoyle and a gorgon – unusual best friends. Who am I to come between them? Unless it’s between the sheets?

Coming up!

Mikhail, leader of those sexy Britonians in the same world, has his book coming! The Brits are tall and muscular, with golden blond hair and burnished gold skin. Eye color ranges from hazel to light green, and a pop of dark eyes is considered a fluke.

Why does a race of superior alien beings care enough to bother with an underdeveloped, backward-thinking planet like post WW3 Earth, where females are living under oppressive conditions?

Why don’t they live on a planet where they’re welcomed and honored—like Pimeon, where their tentacled friends revere them?

Maybe it’s because they’re more like us than we imagined? Maybe they destroyed their own world with war…but they took a different fork in the road? Maybe finding that Earth has spiraled down the wrong path encourages them to nudge us along the right one?

Because the greatest pain of destroying your planet is choosing which people go into stasis for 80 years to give the species a chance to continue in the future. It’s like The Match Program…of death. Unfortunately for our hero, his girlfriend and his best friend are picked for the journey into the blank void of blissful vegetative stasis—while broken-hearted Mikhail is left alone for decades fixing the wrongs his people have committed.

And when discovering all of this, of course we need to see the romance and love that Mikhail seeks when he’s nearly a hundred and the two people he loves most in the world return—fresh young things at the age of 25.

So you think you felt old when you woke this morning?

This won’t be a spin-off series, but more than likely a standalone in the Pimeon world.