Rena Marks is a sci-fi romance author with a contemporary romance line offered through KU. Please click on the Contemporary tab to see those titles. To purchase, please go to the Books tab.

Genetically Altered Humans Series: Xeno Sapiens, Earth-Ground, Siren, Beast’s Beauty, Almost Human
Purple People Series: Space Babies, Baby Soldiers in Space, Baby Butterfly Kisses, Titi
Blue Barbarian Series: Abducted, Stranded, Taken, Captive, Stolen, Betrayed
The AI Series: Artificial Intelligence, Serepto’s Story
Stargazer Series: The Hunter, The Enforcer, The Defender, The Protector, The Guardian, The Destroyer
Wanton Sins Series: Demonic Passions, Demonic Pleasures, Demonic Power
SuperNatural Sharing Series: Forgotten Kisses, Remembered Kisses, Whispered Kisses
Stand Alone Novels: Alien Stolen, Born Again, Shared By Wolves, Enticing Fate, Kiss Me Before I Die, Chasing Violet (written with C.L. Scholey)