What are your current works?
I normally work on more than one idea at a time. When I’m tired of a certain series, I switch to another. Therefore, I have tons of partials to complete. Sometimes I work on two stories simultaneously, and definitely need beta readers and a good editor! I’ve been known to work in first person point of view at the same time I work in third person in another novel. I switch from past to present tense. As long as my morning tea is strong enough, it’s all good.

Right now, my current theme is aliens. But I still have a couple of sequels to books in other series to finish, such as my werewolves and my vampires.

Do you take story ideas?
For legal purposes, I do not. However, there are so many recycled ideas out there, and each writer puts their unique spin on a story to come up with completely different and creative concepts, so there’s always something juicy lurking inside my head.

Are your stories based off of real people or your experiences?
Some of my characters might resemble a stranger’s looks in the grocery store, but that’s about it. For the most part, they’re products of my imagination. Some of my real life experiences contribute to my stories (for example, I love to toss in a saying that my daughter might use, just for giggles. But again, most of my story lines are purely fictional.

What is your writing ritual?
I need my laptop and that’s it. Sometimes I write on my balcony, sometimes in my massage chair, sometimes sitting up propped in bed. No music for me, I find it too distracting and start singing along. My best writing times are early in the morning. I find my brain is most creative then.

How do I purchase a book from your website and send it to my kindle?
That’s easily answered! Click here for more detailed information.